Web Map Service (WMS)

The Open Geospatial Consortium Web Map Server (WMS) protocol defines a simple interface for web based mapping applications. The WMS protocol is based on a simple query syntax for posting a request for the desired layers and region to the server, which returns a map as a standard image (GIF, PNG or other format). The list below gives example WMS URL's for the NOAA Observing Systems. These URL's look like:


These include several elements that users can customize to change the maps:
ParameterValue in example
Server Addresshttp://maps.ngdc.noaa.gov/soap/nosa/MapServer/WMSServer?
Bounding Box-180,-90,180,90 (Lower Left, Upper Right)
Map Width in Pixels 1024
Map Height in Pixels 512
Layers to DisplayShaded%20Relief,DMSP%20Satellite (%20 is a space)
specification version1.1.1
Image Formatpng
Transparency Flagtrue
Request Typegetmap

Web Coverage Service (WCS)

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